Boedecker Cellars is a proud supporter of local nonprofit organizations and their events in Oregon. We are both a part of and support the communities where we live and work.

To make sure we comply with OLCC regulations, please carefully read the donation guidelines below and use the supplied donation request form.

Donation Guidelines – Please Read

Boedecker Cellars can only consider wine donations to nonprofit organizations with formal 501(c)3 status. You will be required to provide a copy of your IRS designation letter if the donation is approved.

Given our location and various alcohol regulations, we will only consider requests from organizations and events based in or taking place in Oregon.

We are interested in events that support basic human needs, education programs, the environment, and healthy communities. In addition, preference is given for events and nonprofits based in communities where our employees and members reside in (Portland) Oregon.

Due to the large number of requests Boedecker Cellars receives, generally we can only consider one donation inside a calendar year to eligible organizations, and repeat donations cannot be guaranteed.

Request needs to be at least 120 days in advance of event.

Duplicate requests or requests submitted outside the below form / this online process will not be considered.

We review donation requests on a quarterly basis – please allow sufficient time for your request to be evaluated, and consider the time it may take to secure the required alcohol license for your event, where applicable.

Submitting a donation request does not guarantee a donation.

Due to legal restrictions imposed by federal and state laws: “fundraiser” events may be required to hold a non-profit, day-use, alcohol permit in order to receive any type of wine donation. Non-profits that do not have proof of an OLCC license in place and do not plan to obtain their own permit cannot be considered. Proof of an OLCC license in place is required.

Special Event Permit Acknowledgement *

MANDATORY: I have read the wine donation guidelines and I acknowledge that I will need to provide proof of a special event or temporary wine sales permit to Boedecker Cellars three weeks prior to any wine donation being released.

Information on required permits can be located here:

Upload your completed form here.

Submit your completed donation request

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