Great wines begin in the vineyards; they are the most important factor in creation of the wines. We hold lease ownership partnerships in the vineyards below – most of which we’ve held since we began, and have farming control over every step of the vine’s life. Each is sustainably, if not organically farmed, and selected for the variety of soils, elevations, mesoclimates in the vineyard and microclimates within the blocks. These factors are key to the creation of nuanced, complex, transparent and ageworthy Pinot noirs.


Our vineyards are our most important relationship with the wines. They are all within the Willamette Valley AVA., with a variety of elevation, soils and climate-terroir

Through our lease ownership partnerships, we practice sustainable methods of farming: from under vine cultivation to avoid herbicides, nutrient enhancing cover crops and use of organic materials to control mildew and pests. From Organic, to LIVE certifications or simple solid farming, we ensure our vineyards produce the best possible grapes for crafting elegant, cellar worthy, distinctive and personal wines.

Willamette Valley AVA

Pinot noir: 114, 115, 667, 777 Pommard, Wadenswil. + Gamay Noir
Sedimentary- Willakenzie and Melbourne soils
LIVE Certified. Partner since 2003

Chehalem Mountains AVA

600ft, Pinot noir: Pommard and 115. Chardonnay: 76, Pinot gris
Laurelwood over Jory. Organic. Partner since 2012

Yamhill-Carlton AVA

Dijon 114, 115, 667, Pommard, Wadenswil
Marine sediment soil, Sustainable. Partner since 2009

Yamhill-Carlton AVA

Pinot Noir 115 and Wadenswil. Sedimentary soil over fractured sandstone, Department of Agriculture Conservation Security Program Outstanding Stewardship of Agricultural Lands. Partner since 2004


The Willamette Valley AVA spans Portland to Eugene, rich with alluvial soils on the valley floor and intermixed with porous volcanic, loess-sand, silt and clay, and sedimentary soils on hillsides.

Sub-AVAs of the Willamette Valley AVA

Chehalem Mountains AVA spans 100 miles of sedimentary sea beds and lava flows and is 20 minutes from Portland, Oregon.

Dundee Hills AVA Created from Basaltic lava flows, tectonic uplift and glacial flooding in the valley floor, the Dundee Hills AVA was left with a complex mix of soils. Waters from floods flowed into the valley created by the tectonic uplift and left a small layer of sediment each time they receded, leaving a level of sedimentary based soil 330 feet and below, while higher elevation soils tend to be red in color, rich, well-drained called Jory.

Yamhill-Carlton AVA was established in 2004 is home to some of the finest Pinot noir vineyards in the world. Historically nourished by forestry and farming, the coarse-grained, ancient marine sediments native to the area are among the oldest soils in the Willamette Valley.